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When you add Lexile® measures to your company’s learning product you are including more than just a number. You are adding insights and scientific validity. The Lexile Framework is used to match students to appropriately challenging reading materials, making your content stand out so you can support educators in easily finding differentiated materials to power personalised learning. At the same time, you will be joining a movement to bring meaning to measurement.

MetaMetrics works closely with its partners to take an active, hands-on approach to all of its work. Ed tech companies rely on MetaMetrics for everything from levelling content to assessment building. Learn more about how the organisation’s experienced team of psychometricians, data scientists and researchers can help you improve your product or service.

MetaMetrics® already works with respected names such as Scholastic, MyON and Achieve3000. Here are a few ways you can add Lexile text measures to your learning programme:

Measurement Services

Obtain Certified Lexile Measures

Provide scientifically sound information for marketing the text complexity of your reading content. Learn more about the process for obtaining Lexile measures for your reading content.

Development Services

Obtain Lexile Measures On-Demand

With the Lexile® Analyzer, you can obtain the Lexile measure for a piece of text and evaluate the text complexity of the content in real-time. Upgrade to the top-tier Lexile Analyzer® Editor Assistant™ to access all of the features that promote multi-user collaboration and help your to team be more efficient and effective at producing quality content. Learn more about these subscriptions and how they can help improve your content development process.

Use the Lexile® Scale to Build Vocabulary Lists

The Lexile PowerV® vocabulary service generates a list of vocabulary words that are challenging, relevant and consequential to a student reading your text. There are two options for acquiring PowerV words. When submitting your material for Lexile certification, you can add on the Lexile PowerV vocabulary service. The Lexile PowerV vocabulary technology is also offered as an API for clients looking to access vocabulary lists for integration of the service into the workflow. Learn more to see if your materials could benefit from this service.

Lexile Titles Database®

Access the metrics that matter with the Lexile Titles Database. A license to the database gives your company access to more than 285,000 informational and literary titles from hundreds of publishers—and this number continues to grow. The Titles Database is available for integrating into your product or service. Learn more about the Lexile Titles Database.

Psychometric Services & Test Items

MetaMetrics can help you report student reading ability as Lexile measures for reading assessments in a variety of ways:

  • Conduct a study that demonstrates how your existing reading assessment correlates with the Lexile scale.
  • Develop and implement custom reading assessments that report Lexile measures.
  • Lease test items to build an assessment that reports Lexile measures.

Learn more about how to have your assessment or product report Lexile measures for students.

Lexile Analytics

Forecasting reading growth and providing an interpretive lens for reading performance are key to ensuring students succeed in reading and meeting specific goals. MetaMetrics offers a tool to forecast reading growth, as well as data sets and services to provide an interpretive framework to student performance or text complexity. Discover the predictive analytics and data-driven services offered.


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