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Founded in 1984, MetaMetrics® is an education research organisation that develops scientific measures of academic achievement—specific to literacy and mathematics—that link assessment results with real-world instruction and materials to improve learner outcomes. The organisation’s flagship product is the Lexile Framework for Reading, an objective way to measure reading ability and text complexity on the same scale. Over the years, their dedicated team of psychometricians, education specialists and engineers have expanded the tools and services that improve reading instruction and assessment and power today’s best education products. The organisation’s success is grounded in providing reliable solutions and building long-lasting partnerships in government, publishing, ed tech and academia.

Today, Lexile® measures are recognised around the world as the standard for matching students with texts. More than half of American students and learners in over 180 countries receive Lexile measures every year. Leading publishers across the world provide Lexile measures. In turn, a learner who has a Lexile measure can be matched with the more than 100 million articles, books and websites that have Lexile text measures, putting them on the path to success in their school, university and careers.

What They Offer

The dynamic team at MetaMetrics works with their partners to provide:

  • Scientific and objective measures for reading and learners.
  • Technology that powers personalised learning and accelerates learners’ growth.
  • Customer-focused relationships that reflect the importance of their investment.
  • Assessment solutions that capture a learner’s reading level.

Core Values

MetaMetrics works with their education partners, both corporate and government, to transform the world of educational policy and practice so that learning is accelerated for all learners. MetaMetrics is guided by these core values:

  •  Mission-Driven They work closely with educators and policy-makers to promote equality and excellence in education.
  •  Optimistic They believe that they have the ability to positively impact the world of education.
  •  Striving for Excellence They seek to be the best in everything they do.
  •  Innovation They champion and celebrate creativity and research-based solutions.
  •  Integrity They act with honesty and transparency within their workplace, community and the world.

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