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Collaborations between MetaMetrics® and assessment developers and education companies have inspired and produced some of the best education products in the industry. For assessment developers, MetaMetrics’ team of testing experts help transform your English reading assessments into actionable reports by assessing reading performance as Lexile® measures. Whether you have an existing assessment or are interested in developing placement and progress monitoring assessments for your reading programme, consultation with their experts can deliver the Lexile solution that meets your goals.

MetaMetrics works with a wide variety of assessment and testing partners. Their team helps improve, supplement and design:

  • Norm-referenced assessments
  • Criterion referenced assessments
  • Interim/benchmark assessments
  • Summative assessments

Psychometric Services & Test Items

MetaMetrics can help you report learner reading ability as Lexile measures for reading assessments in a variety of ways:

  • Conduct a study that demonstrates how your existing reading assessment correlates with the Lexile® scale.
  • Develop and implement custom reading assessments that report Lexile measures.
  • Lease test items to build an assessment that reports Lexile measures.

Other Services for Assessment Publishers

In addition to assessment services, MetaMetrics can provide analytic tools to enhance your test taker’s assessment experience and support well informed decision making for educators.

Learn more about how to have your assessment or product report Lexile measures for learners.

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