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Make Test Scores Actionable

Match students to "just right" reading materials, monitor reading growth and forecast performance.

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Determine the Reading Level of Your Materials

Lexile measures are the gold standard for text complexity. Join the more than 200 publishers who provide Lexile measures for their materials.

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Improve Vocabulary

Identify words your customers should know when reading a book or piece of text.

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Why Lexile Measures?

Here are some of the reasons why the most respected names in education turn to Lexile measures.

Lexile measures:

  • Use a scientific and objective scale to measure student reading performance and text complexity.
  • Personalize learning and accelerate student growth in reading.
  • Provide benchmarks for promoting university and career readiness.
  • Act as a compass to help teachers and learners navigate the path of reading success.

Find "Just Right" Books

Find books that match a student's unique reading performance and interests.


Latest News & Updates

Stay up-to-day on our latest on the latest Lexile partnerships, research, products and services.

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