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Interested in Contributing to the Growing Corpus of Research on Lexile® and Quantile® measures?

Researchers from around the world have conducted studies using Lexile and Quantile measures. MetaMetrics supports researchers by providing them with free access to valuable resources through the Lexile® & Quantile® Hub.

  • Find a Book. Find a book’s Lexile measure. Search for books by grade, interest and reading complexity. View a book’s most challenging words. 
  • Lexile & Quantile Grade Level Charts. View selected student percentiles by grade and time of year.
  • Text Analyzer. Paste or type in text to receive a Lexile range. View text characteristics along with challenging words and their definitions.
  • Lexile & Quantile Growth Planner. Use Lexile or Quantile measures to determine if a student is on track for college and career readiness. 
  • Lexile & Quantile Career Database. Identify the reading demands of texts or mathematical demands of materials needed for a desired career.
  • WordLists. Access lists of words by grade level and academic domain (i.e. math, science, and social studies) compiled from U.S. grade-level texts.
  • Math Skills Database. Find the mathematical demands of Quantile Skills and Concepts aligned to state curriculum standards. Access free resources that support instruction in each skill and concept and get a detailed view of the interconnections between the skills and concepts. 

Identify the level of access you need through membership options and select “Researcher” as your role when registering. If you need more access than provided by premium membership, contact us through our support center.

Our Research Continues

Substantial investment has been made to create a team with impressive academic rigor, with over half of the MetaMetrics team in roles as psychometricians, data scientists and researchers. The important part that research plays in the company’s operation can be seen through the success of its staff. More than half of the members of their team hold doctorate and graduate degrees from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Duke University, Princeton University, Stanford University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

MetaMetrics works with education companies, publishers and governments to incorporate Lexile measures into their products and assessments, but the organisation also has a dynamic research pipeline. In addition, the academic research community examines and supports the validity of the organisation’s metrics. There are hundreds of independent research studies using Lexile measures as the methodology to gauge text complexity or reading comprehension.

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Learn more about the research behind the Lexile Framework for Reading or explore independent research studies and analysis.

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