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MetaMetrics® realises that Lexile® measures need to be contextualised in the real world. Education companies, educators, parents and students all want to know what their ability means in relation to the world they live in. All of those involved in a student’s education are interested in things like how the student’s Lexile measures compares to their peers in their school year, relevant standards and even to higher education courses and future careers. MetaMetrics has the data and research to help you make these connections.

Lexile Career Database™

The Lexile Career Database contains Lexile measures for over 250 careers as well as important descriptive information for each career. The database is a result of years of research examining the text complexity of a variety of reading materials, for specific, in-demand careers.

With the Lexile Career Database, students can identify the reading ability needed for a desired career and use this information to help them set goals in order to achieve higher education and career readiness. Lexile measures are the only metrics available to compare and describe reading demands of careers.

Forecast Reading Growth

If you are looking to forecast reading growth in your product, the MetaMetrics “Forecaster” product allows for student performance Lexile measures to be used to predict future growth or performance. And when coupled with the Lexile Career Database, your product can forecast growth towards desired and in-demand careers.


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