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MetaMetrics® will work closely with you to develop a custom solution that fits seamlessly into your reading product while meeting the unique needs of your customers. MetaMetrics’ team of psychometricians help transform your reading assessments into actionable reports by assessing reading ability as Lexile® measures.

MetaMetrics works with ed tech companies who develop reading assessments, online reading products and apps.

The Process

MetaMetrics consults with you to develop a custom solution. The company will work with you in one of three ways that results in Lexile measure reporting:

  1. Perform a linking study to correlate your existing assessment’s scale score to the Lexile® scale.
  2. Lease vetted items from the company’s test item bank to construct a new assessment.
  3. Develop a unique assessment with one-of-a-kind test items.

Using the Lexile scale, MetaMetrics can examine:

  • Whether the reading level of an assessment changes over time.
  • How the assessment compares to other reading assessments of a similar nature.
  • The reading demand of a content area assessment with that of a reading assessment at the same level.

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