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As the universal standard for reading measurement, the Lexile metric enables students worldwide to improve their reading skills. Lexile® measures connect students to “just right” books, articles and websites through extensive partnerships in research, government, publishing and technology. Each publisher that MetaMetrics® partners with has its own, unique way of incorporating Lexile measures for reading materials into their products or services.

MetaMetrics has partnered with hundreds of content publishers including Scholastic, Hodder, Cambridge University Press and Usborne. More than 100 million books, articles and websites have received Lexile measures. The global availability and utility of Lexile measures continue to grow as students worldwide are using the Lexile metric to improve their reading skills.

What is it Like to Partner With MetaMetrics?

MetaMetrics takes its partnerships very seriously. The organisation works closely with content publishers to integrate the Lexile Framework for Reading into their programmes and services.

When you partner with MetaMetrics, your company will have the organisation’s staff and research – a wealth of instructional experience – that can be leveraged to build and implement your ideas, products and services. When you integrate the Lexile Framework into your products you are providing a powerful connection between assessment in instruction.

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