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The Lexile Framework provides a scientific, standardised approach to measuring English text difficulty and reading performance globally. The Lexile Framework offers a conjoint measurement model that puts both texts and learners on the same developmental scale to accurately match learners with reading materials and make informed decisions.

The Lexile Framework is backed by more than 30 years of research and was developed by the renowned psychometric team at MetaMetrics®, an educational measurement and research organisation. The academic research community continues to value Lexile® measures use in research studies to gauge text complexity and measure reading performance.

The development of the Lexile Framework was funded by government research grants. And MetaMetrics continues to explore and analyse reading behaviours and best practises through their dynamic research pipeline. Their research identifies real world reading demands for the earliest of English language learners to those entering into university and careers. MetaMetrics also partners with many well-known American and international universities to conduct joint research studies. Their latest partnership with British Council evaluates how English as a foreign language learners comprehend English reading materials.

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