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Today, Lexile® measures are recognised around the world as the standard for matching English language learners with texts. Many popular reading assessments and programmes, plus ministry assessments report Lexile measures for learners. For publishers, this makes your content accessible for a wide range of English language learners at different levels as they can be matched with the more than 100 million articles, books and websites that have Lexile text measures. This puts them on the path to success in school, higher education and careers, and provides an important way to measure progress in English reading.

How do Lexile Measures Help Content Publishers?

Lexile measures provide publishers with a way to:

  • Make evidence based decisions. Important choices require accurate information. Lexile measures provide the scientific basis that content publishers need for everything from organising catalogs to supporting customers at home and in the classroom.
  • Verify current leveling schemes. The Lexile measure is an objective, scientific metric that provides independent measurement of leveling systems.
  • Develop content at desired reading levels. Lexile measures can be used in content development to ensure materials are being written at the reading level for the intended audience.
  • Better understand early-reading text. When producing content for early learners, content publishers can receive information on the four text characteristics that influence comprehension the most.
  • Connect customers to appropriately challenging materials. Publishers, book sellers and distributors provide Lexile measures for their reading materials to help their customers find “just right” reading materials.

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