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MetaMetrics® offers psychometric expertise in assessments and educational instruction.  For ministries, MetaMetrics’ team of testing experts can help transform your national English reading assessments into actionable reports by assessing reading performance as Lexile® measures. Whether you have an existing assessment or are interested in developing placement and progress monitoring assessments for your English curriculum, consultation with their experts can deliver the Lexile solution that meets your goals.

Psychometric Services & Test Items

MetaMetrics can help you report learner reading performance as Lexile measures for your reading assessments in a variety of ways:

  • Conduct a study that demonstrates how your existing English reading assessment correlates with the Lexile® scale.
  • Develop and implement custom English reading assessments that report Lexile measures.
  • Lease English reading test items to build an assessment that reports Lexile measures.

Learn more about how reporting Lexile student measures can support your goals.

Lexile Analytics

Forecasting reading growth and providing an interpretive lens for reading performance are key to facilitating learner success in reading and meeting specific goals. MetaMetrics offers a tool to forecast English reading growth, as well as data sets and services to provide an interpretive framework to learner performance or text complexity, like student norm data and Lexile measures for in-demand careers. Discover the predictive analytics and data-driven services offered.

Implementation Assistance

MetaMetrics works with respected influencers in each country, such as the British Council, to align its research and support ministries of education to connect with what is happening in classrooms.

A team is ready to help you implement:

  • Personalised Lexile® Maps. Highlight preferred reading materials.
  • Customised “Find a Book.” Find books at the right reading level.
  • Score Reports. Support development of individualised, learner instructional information on your score reports.
  • Implementation and Communication Toolkits. Provide messaging support for your assessment.


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