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Your customers depend on a reading assessment that is accurate and informative. With Lexile® measures as an integral component of your assessment, educators and students will be assured they are receiving actionable metrics to help them reach their goals.

Want to connect your test takers with a world of resources at their reading level? Or make meaningful comparisons year over year? What better way to gauge readiness than by comparing a student’s reading level to real world reading demand, rather than just a scale score separated from real world context. With Lexile measures, you can do that and more.

Why Link Your Assessment to the Lexile® Scale?

By reporting student reading ability as a Lexile measure, you:

  • Benchmark to real world reading materials, including primary reading texts, primary/secondary textbooks, university and career materials.
  • Provide a universal, scientific and objective scale to match students to reading materials based on assessment scores.
  • Make your assessment results actionable by providing a metric that can be used by students to find reading materials at their reading level. Over 100 million articles, books and websites have Lexile text measures.
  • Take predictive analytics to the next level by forecasting future performance of a test taker.
  • Monitor reading growth longitudinally and across assessment systems.

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