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More than 100 million articles, books and websites have Lexile® measures, making it the most widely used reading measure in the world, with more than 35 million students receiving Lexile measures from assessments. Publishers and digital learning companies can benefit from its growing popularity by submitting their books to be analysed for measurement.

MetaMetrics® produces Lexile text measures through one-on-one partner support, combined with the accuracy of their proprietary software, the Lexile Analyzer®. This software evaluates the reading demand, or text complexity, of reading material resulting in the Lexile text measure, representing the difficulty of the analysed text. The Lexile Analyzer evaluates text characteristics, sentence length and word frequency, which represent the syntactic and semantic challenges that a text presents to a student.

Books with certified Lexile measures are featured in the Lexile Titles Database®. Becoming part of this widely used database will ensure your materials are easily identified by educators, parents and students. Searches for reading material based on Lexile measures connect learners with appropriate reading materials, ultimately leading to you and your products.

The Process

Receiving certified Lexile measures for your reading materials is simple. Once pricing per book is confirmed and data and electronic files are exchanged, partners receive an electronic measurement report detailing Lexile metrics for each text within 25 days.

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