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Content publishers who want to develop materials at a particular Lexile level may find that an annual subscription to the Lexile Analyzer is an essential tool. The Lexile Analyzer objectively measures text complexity according to text features, like syntactic and semantic characteristics. Two web-based options are available. For high volume content publishers, MetaMetrics® offers access to the Lexile Analyzer via an API.

Lexile® Text Analyzer Subscriptions

Publishers and content developers with ongoing needs to develop materials at specific Lexile levels can subscribe to the Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator, our newest, most advanced tool. With the new analyzer, you can:

  • measure and edit text as you go to align to your target level,
  • submit different types of content for measurement within the same tool,
  • access previously certified measures,
  • track and manage subscription credits as you go,
  • instantly certify content so you can share content without delay (specific qualifications must be met),
  • and much more!

View the Lexile Text Analyzer Content Creator overview flyer.

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