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Content publishers who want to develop materials at a particular Lexile level may find that an annual subscription to the Lexile Analyzer is an essential tool. The Lexile Analyzer objectively measures text complexity according to text features, like syntactic and semantic characteristics. Two web-based options are available. For high volume content publishers, MetaMetrics® offers access to the Lexile Analyzer via an API.

Professional Lexile® Text Analyzer

With the Professional Lexile Analyzer, there are no word limit restrictions for measuring text. The Professional Lexile Analyzer produces a Lexile measure for internal development purposes. The outcome is the text complexity, expressed as a Lexile measure, along with information on the word count, mean sentence length and mean log frequency. It also offers early-reading indicator descriptors (for texts with Lexile measures that are 650L and below), as well as a Lexile history log of each measured text. The benefits of the Professional Lexile Analyzer include:

  • Objectively evaluation of content; the Lexile measure provides an independent means of evaluating your content’s readability.
  • On-demand results; quick content comparisons using the metrics that matter most for reading comprehension.
  • Efficiently developed leveled texts; all levels of text.

Lexile® Analyzer Editor Assistant

The Lexile Analyzer Editor Assistant is ideal for content developers or companies producing content at specific reading levels. The benefits of the Lexile Analyzer Editor Assistant include all the benefits listed above plus:

  • An informed interrogation and understanding of a text’s characteristics and its impact on comprehension.
  • Enhanced in-house teamwork; save multiple drafts, review edit history, tag and share with others down the hall or across the globe.

View the Lexile Analyzer Editor Assistant overview flyer.

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