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Identify Words Students Need to Know With Lexile® WordBank

Develop curriculum materials and assessments targeting the vocabulary that students are most likely to encounter with WordBank, a licensable database that can be used in a variety of educational applications. Query, filter and sort the WordBank to:

  • Verify or create content for grade-level appropriateness.
  • Make relevant test items with vocabulary students have been exposed to.
  • Create lists of words that students typically encounter in K-12 texts by grade and by domain – math, science, social studies and reading/English Language Arts.

The WordBank’s approximately 50,000 words come from the top four best-selling K-12 textbook programs published since 2011. When you develop learning and assessment resources with the WordBank, the vocabulary is recent and relevant.

Download this flyer to learn more about WordBank.

Develop Lists of Challenging Words With PowerV

Use PowerV to develop vocabulary lists for books or texts so educators can teach:

  • Harder words that are above the Lexile® measure of the surrounding text.
  • Words that appear more frequently in the text compared to other texts and are important for understanding themes and topics.
  • Words where students can apply base word knowledge to expand their vocabulary to different forms of the word.
  • Words that are academic and important for school success.

With the Lexile PowerV Application Programming Interface (API):

  • Create vocabulary lists for large quantities of texts.
  • Develop lists by specifying different Lexile ranges from the same text to meet the needs of students with different Lexile measures.
  • Access vocabulary lists for over thousands of titles with the Lexile® Titles Database.

Lexile PowerV® is also available as an add-on service for Lexile text measurement.

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