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Lexile® measures are a widely used reading metric across the world, making it easy for educators to match students with text, accelerating their reading development and ensuring that they are on the path to success in school, university and career.

Lexile Student Measures

Students receive a Lexile measure from a reading test or programme. There is not a special “Lexile” test. Instead, we partner with departments of education and test publishers to create assessments, or link to existing assessments that can report students’ reading scores as Lexile measures. Your child may have received one or more Lexile student measures. More than 65 popular reading assessments and programmes report Lexile measures.

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Lexile Text Measures

It is easy for educators and parents to find materials with Lexile text measures. MetaMetrics® partners with more than 200 publishing companies and have measured nearly 300,000 books. The company also partners with some of the world’s largest periodical database service providers, such as EBSCO, GALE and ProQuest, to provide Lexile measures for millions of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as encyclopaedia and reference content.

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See the publishers and products that provide Lexile text measures.

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If you do not see a Lexile text measure printed on a book, you can often find them by using the Quick Search feature on the Find a Book tool. You can also use Find a Book to search for books that match your student’s interests and are within your student’s Lexile reading range.

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